Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

On Tuesday, my day started with a morning class with Shirley. The jazz chants surely woke me up!! After that we headed to the Washington Post by bus. Jim explained to us how busy it is in the Washington Post since they are the ones who are responsible to give readers latest information most of which is updated in limited time. It smelled of ink in the Washington Post and I was surprised to see a bunch of rolled papers that looked like a huge toilet paper!!! Then we came back to College Park where I enjoyed a tortilla in the Taco Bell Express. Later that night, we went to an American shopping market where I bought more souvenirs for my family and friends. I was glad to see snacks and candies that I used to love and I could not stop myself putting them into my shopping cart! Most of the participants got kisses from Sophia but I was too shy to ask one from her….. From ten, we had a little party sharing doughnuts and cookies together, and we stayed up late enjoying a night time talk.


Hiromi said...

Hello, Kana!
Your impression about the rolled paper made me laugh. ^^ Also, it's always fun to talk with your friends at night because there will always be things that doesn't come up in daytime. Hehehe~. ^^

Dennis said...

Hello, Kana.

Wow! What a busy day! You had class (complete with Jazz Chants), a trip to the Washington Post printing plant, a snack in College Park, and shopping in a supermarket. I particularly enjoyed your comments about the rolls of newsprint, and, like Hiromi-san, I laughed!

I'm glad you found some familiar items in the supermarket!

I think you've had some very interesting experiences so far, and it's obvious that you've had a lot of activities! Those late-night talks with friends are fun, aren't they?

Dennis in Phoenix

P.S. I really enjoyed seeing your photo at the bottom of your blog.

Nina Liakos said...

Hi, Kana! We are keeping you busy, aren't we? I hope you are not too tired after all your exciting adventures!

Laura said...

I'm sure Sophia will be glad to give you a kiss if you ask! She told me that it's not even too strange to kiss others on the lips as a greeting, but even I can't imagine that. It depends on where your family originates from, I guess!

Masumi said...

Long time no see! Well, it's just a week,ha-ha-ha! I`m very happy to
hear that you are enjoying days in Maryland. Don't be shy about just a kiss! You can do it!! TRY,TRY,TRY!!
See you soo--n(^^)