Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I forgot to mention about my lunch at the National Museum of American Indian yesterday in my blog, so I am going to write about that for a moment…
The lunch at the American Indian was so interesting and sort of mystery since the color of the food and the ingredients inside were unfamiliar!! The food I got were chili buffalo soup, something with a corn and potato with spices, something like a tortilla, and strawberry pudding. The shops were divided into the region of Meso America, Pacific Northwest, the Great Plains, the Eastern Woodlands where many Native Americans have lived for centuries. My friend and I enjoyed guessing the food and it was hard to tell if it was sweet or spicy. However, we had fun imagining what the taste is like. The most weird menu was the strawberry pudding because it had a strawberry, and pudding looked like (or might be) bread with black stuff!! The actual black stuff tasted like a sweet strawberry so I guess it is not a burn^_^

Now I’m going to write about yesterday which is Monday, August 13th. After our usual blogging and Shirley’s class, I ate soft tacos from the Taco Bell. It was yummy and since it was small, I was able to eat all. Then 10 participants headed to the Aviation Museum at College Park. I did not notice that there is a museum in the College Park so I was really surprised^^ Along the way, we drank bubble tea or tapioca black tea with pudding. There a muscular and humorous man who guided us to a tour inside the museum. He was smiling and generous that we all had to laugh hard by his jokes. The inside had a monoplane, biplane, triplane, and helicopter. We all learned the names of the parts for the airplanes to elevate and we got to move them by ourselves deciding our destination. The man let us wear a jacket, helmet, goggle and scarf and take pictures. I bought Astraunuts’ dried ice cream for my family!! The man was so nice that he gave us meaningful lesson as well as many toys and stickers to play with. I would like to visit there again in my lifetime :) :) :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

3 days of fun fun fun!!

On Friday, August 10th, I ate a huge mushroom pizza in the food court of the university. Sbarros’ pizza is really yummy!!! After lunch I went to the bookstore of the university where I bought, again, souvenirs for my friends and family. Following that, I visited to the Prange Collection of Japanese literature published after the world wars. It was amazing because there are many references that were actually erased from our history because of the inspection led by American occupation of Japan. The library itself consists of many kinds of books and it was cool!! On my way back to the hotel, my friends and I went to the Smoothie King where they sell delicious and fruity smoothies. I tried the Pineapple Surf which has pineapples, orange, strawberry, coconuts and a little honey. We got on to Sophia’s van and I got to sit with Sophia to check which way to go. I felt as if I was driving the car, and it was fun!! Arrived to Nina’s pretty house in Gaithersburg, she invited us to come inside her house, and her furnitures were cute and lovely. We met so many people starting Vicky, Vicky’s best friend and her family, Nina’s friend, Shirley, Shirley’s husband and little DJ, her grandson. I was glad to see many people joining to the cookout!! Nina’s husband cooked the patties for our hamburgers and the taste was two thumbs up!! We sang the song of typical American goodbye song, Red River Valley. I enjoyed visiting her house and I whish to visit there again someday soon!! Later we went to the karaoke where everybody sang and had fun!! I was really surprised that all the mentors sing very very good!!! It was also awesome!!

On Saturday we went up to the Annapolis, the town next to the Potomac River via bus. First we went to Maryland State House where the senators and delegates get together to govern their state by making new laws and discussing the future. The building is old fashioned since it is the traditional building in the Maryland. Along the way heading down to the city dock, I ate something like pitas with crab sauce. Since Maryland is famous for the crab and as I ate a breeze from the harbor was cooling on me, it was great!! Also I ate yummy Oreo ice cream and bought some nice postcards. The cruise to the Potomac River cooled me down and my second cruise was fantastic!! I really liked the outskirts of Annapolis that I want to stay there a little more.

On Sunday, I visited to the National Museum of the American Art. They exhibit things Native American used to live their life before and after under dominance. The concepts and message that I received by going there is that there are many Americans who have Native Americans as ancestors and it is necessary to preserve their culture by education. The museum told me that they need to keep the identity of races by uniting the feeling to respect culture. Later I went to the Natural History Museum where they had breathtaking dolls of the mammals. The sea otters, giraffe, and elephants were really cute!! Since I learned the origins of life on the earth last semester, I get to understand the exhibition easier and I could assure my knowledge!! The museums are fun!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

My Hoki-doki days

I'm sorry that I cannot keep in touch yesterday. The day before yesterday (Wednesday), we visited Channel 9 to see a live broadcast news. Although it was about 40 degrees Celsius, we walked down there I believe it was a valuable experience to go there. Inside the news station there were many TV screens with a remarkable clock that a woman who was showing us around emphasized that they are really vital to keep the live broad cast on going. Fortunately, while other students were at the studio, communication students had an opportunity to see the control room where producers and directors keep track of time and conduct the whole agenda. I made me feel nervous since the atmosphere was very tense. Owing to the visit to this place I worked to find out the tricks hidden in how the announcers and newscasters memorize (read!!) their scripts looking at the camera. A guy inside the control room told us that there is a device that shows every single words of the script, in other words announcers can read the script by looking at the camera. I realized that many staffs are working together to enhance their quality of accuracy along with individuality. One of the things that were really interesting was that a newscaster who mainly reads broadcast news had a different role since they have to talk and point a green wall which appears to be a map of the continent of the US with their temperatures on the audiences’ screen. The anchor of the channel 9, Ms. J.C. Hayward, was really nice because she let us take self picture with her one by one. Later that day we had a subway accident since someone has left a bag which was prospected to have a bomb inside it. I was surprised to know that they check whosever bag whether it has a danger but mentors said this usually happens. According to this incident, we happened to miss our class. In night we enjoyed playing the billiards. It was fun!! Then we headed to a Japanese restaurant where the miso soup reminded me of Japanese food.

On the next day, we visited to IDB as Inter-American Development Bank. A Japanese woman took care of us and guided the building. We ate lunch at the cafeteria of the IDB which was a worthy experience. After eating lunch we had a chance to hear the Japanese specialist worker in the IDB. There were 4 people who explained us how the IDB contribute to the developing countries from Latin America to many parts of Africa. The board room was like ones in the UN or Japanese parliament. Then we went to National Portrait Gallery where I liked the portrait of American Presidents. In night we went to Chinatown and ate sandwiches in the College Park. After returning to our room, there was a big insect like a mosquito and I was really surprised. However our friend killed the insect, and so I had a good night sleep zzzz….

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

On Tuesday, my day started with a morning class with Shirley. The jazz chants surely woke me up!! After that we headed to the Washington Post by bus. Jim explained to us how busy it is in the Washington Post since they are the ones who are responsible to give readers latest information most of which is updated in limited time. It smelled of ink in the Washington Post and I was surprised to see a bunch of rolled papers that looked like a huge toilet paper!!! Then we came back to College Park where I enjoyed a tortilla in the Taco Bell Express. Later that night, we went to an American shopping market where I bought more souvenirs for my family and friends. I was glad to see snacks and candies that I used to love and I could not stop myself putting them into my shopping cart! Most of the participants got kisses from Sophia but I was too shy to ask one from her….. From ten, we had a little party sharing doughnuts and cookies together, and we stayed up late enjoying a night time talk.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Off to a Pentagon City!!!!

On Monday, I really enjoyed the lecture about American Diplomacy which was led by Dr. Marie Hallion. Her lecture was very valuable since we were able to learn it through understanding the basis of American history. The story back into the colonial times to what we are now through revolutions and cold wars was very interesting. We even got a nice pack of folder filled with a brochure and Mount Vernon stamp card. I wish I could ask her more questions :( Best of all, her smile was very lovely :) * :)

Later in the afternoon, we went to a huge shopping mall in Pentagon City connected to a metro station. The mall was gigantic that I cannot see shops one by one. For dinner, I ate a cinnamon pretzel of the Auntie Anne’s (my favorite). The taste reminded me of my days in California!! It was really really tasty!!!! Also I bought souvenirs for my family and friends at the Bath and Body Works (also my favorite). Then I went to Candy Factory to buy some chocolates and candies speaking English with my friend. I bet it is true for everyone for those of us who loves shopping that time goes by really quick and spur of the moment while we enjoy shopping. I had a good night sleep zzz….

Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend Weekend Weekend

My weekends were very exciting and thrilling. Everything I saw was amazing and went completely exceeded my expectations. On Saturday, we visited Georgetown via bus and cruise. I was so astonished to see how huge the Potomac River is through 45min ride by the cruise. Many fashionable shops stood along the streets, and no wonder that my friend and I enjoyed shopping. Also the Irish festival was just wonderful.

On Sunday, we went to DC, and I was satisfied that I was able to see many monuments. I was very glad to see the Lincoln Memorial. The mystery behind his head was surprising.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Self Introduction

Hi, my name is Kana Narasaki.
I'm one of the three"Kana"s participating AGU in America Program.
Fortunately, we all have different lastnames and I am Kana.N !!
12 hours flight made me think that this place is really far from the place where I live.
I'm so excited to be here, and I'm hoping to experience things that are unavailable in Japan!!!!!