Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I forgot to mention about my lunch at the National Museum of American Indian yesterday in my blog, so I am going to write about that for a moment…
The lunch at the American Indian was so interesting and sort of mystery since the color of the food and the ingredients inside were unfamiliar!! The food I got were chili buffalo soup, something with a corn and potato with spices, something like a tortilla, and strawberry pudding. The shops were divided into the region of Meso America, Pacific Northwest, the Great Plains, the Eastern Woodlands where many Native Americans have lived for centuries. My friend and I enjoyed guessing the food and it was hard to tell if it was sweet or spicy. However, we had fun imagining what the taste is like. The most weird menu was the strawberry pudding because it had a strawberry, and pudding looked like (or might be) bread with black stuff!! The actual black stuff tasted like a sweet strawberry so I guess it is not a burn^_^

Now I’m going to write about yesterday which is Monday, August 13th. After our usual blogging and Shirley’s class, I ate soft tacos from the Taco Bell. It was yummy and since it was small, I was able to eat all. Then 10 participants headed to the Aviation Museum at College Park. I did not notice that there is a museum in the College Park so I was really surprised^^ Along the way, we drank bubble tea or tapioca black tea with pudding. There a muscular and humorous man who guided us to a tour inside the museum. He was smiling and generous that we all had to laugh hard by his jokes. The inside had a monoplane, biplane, triplane, and helicopter. We all learned the names of the parts for the airplanes to elevate and we got to move them by ourselves deciding our destination. The man let us wear a jacket, helmet, goggle and scarf and take pictures. I bought Astraunuts’ dried ice cream for my family!! The man was so nice that he gave us meaningful lesson as well as many toys and stickers to play with. I would like to visit there again in my lifetime :) :) :)


Dennis said...

Hello, Kana.

This is yet another very interesting post filled with a great deal of detail. I enjoyed it very much!

I found two informative websites about the Mitsitam Cafe at the National Museum of the American Indian: this one gives a lot of interesting information in its reviews, and this one has a description of the facility (and also includes some photos).

I thought it was particularly interesting that the café includes food typical of several different regions, including the southwestern U.S. and Central America.

I also enjoyed your comments on the visit to the College Park Aviation Museum. It sounds like quite a hands-on experience! I've never been there, but because of your description, I'd love to visit it!

I greatly enjoy your interesting, very detailed posts here, Kana.

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Hiromi said...

Hello, Kana!
Did you take a picture of the meal that you enjoyed at the National Museum of American Indian? I hope to see it if you did. ^^

Also, I wonder how the dried ice cream for astraunuts tastes like! ^^

Nina Liakos said...

That strawberry pudding sounds weird. Did it taste all right? The Aviation Museum sounds like a hoot. I wish I could have cloned myself and gone to all three activities yesterday!

Nina Liakos said...

Since you never got to post to your blog on the last day because of the problem with the safe in your hotel room, I am looking forward to reading your final comments when you get back to Japan!

Ji Won said...


Your long posts with beautifully written English never stopped to impress me. It was a pleasure mentoring for you this summer, and I wish you the best in everything that you do in the future. Lets stay connected through facebook, blogs, and chats, ok??

Rest well,
Ji Won

Mojo said...

Kana! I can't believe I found your blog! o_o This is Hope! I went to middle school with you! HOW'VE YOU BEEN? gah... I hope you get this comment in time... :( MISS YOU! haha