Monday, August 13, 2007

3 days of fun fun fun!!

On Friday, August 10th, I ate a huge mushroom pizza in the food court of the university. Sbarros’ pizza is really yummy!!! After lunch I went to the bookstore of the university where I bought, again, souvenirs for my friends and family. Following that, I visited to the Prange Collection of Japanese literature published after the world wars. It was amazing because there are many references that were actually erased from our history because of the inspection led by American occupation of Japan. The library itself consists of many kinds of books and it was cool!! On my way back to the hotel, my friends and I went to the Smoothie King where they sell delicious and fruity smoothies. I tried the Pineapple Surf which has pineapples, orange, strawberry, coconuts and a little honey. We got on to Sophia’s van and I got to sit with Sophia to check which way to go. I felt as if I was driving the car, and it was fun!! Arrived to Nina’s pretty house in Gaithersburg, she invited us to come inside her house, and her furnitures were cute and lovely. We met so many people starting Vicky, Vicky’s best friend and her family, Nina’s friend, Shirley, Shirley’s husband and little DJ, her grandson. I was glad to see many people joining to the cookout!! Nina’s husband cooked the patties for our hamburgers and the taste was two thumbs up!! We sang the song of typical American goodbye song, Red River Valley. I enjoyed visiting her house and I whish to visit there again someday soon!! Later we went to the karaoke where everybody sang and had fun!! I was really surprised that all the mentors sing very very good!!! It was also awesome!!

On Saturday we went up to the Annapolis, the town next to the Potomac River via bus. First we went to Maryland State House where the senators and delegates get together to govern their state by making new laws and discussing the future. The building is old fashioned since it is the traditional building in the Maryland. Along the way heading down to the city dock, I ate something like pitas with crab sauce. Since Maryland is famous for the crab and as I ate a breeze from the harbor was cooling on me, it was great!! Also I ate yummy Oreo ice cream and bought some nice postcards. The cruise to the Potomac River cooled me down and my second cruise was fantastic!! I really liked the outskirts of Annapolis that I want to stay there a little more.

On Sunday, I visited to the National Museum of the American Art. They exhibit things Native American used to live their life before and after under dominance. The concepts and message that I received by going there is that there are many Americans who have Native Americans as ancestors and it is necessary to preserve their culture by education. The museum told me that they need to keep the identity of races by uniting the feeling to respect culture. Later I went to the Natural History Museum where they had breathtaking dolls of the mammals. The sea otters, giraffe, and elephants were really cute!! Since I learned the origins of life on the earth last semester, I get to understand the exhibition easier and I could assure my knowledge!! The museums are fun!!!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Kana!
I enjoyed reading through your post about the weekend! It seems that you really had an awesome weekend, which is sooo great!

I wish I were there with you guys to go to Karaoke! Thinking of Karaoke in the US literally reminds me of the time I spent there last year! ^^ It was awesome as well!

Dennis said...

Hello, Kana.

Another fascinating post—and one filled with many interesting details.

Friday was a full day! I especially enjoyed reading your comments on the Prange Collection at the University of Maryland. I had no idea such a resource existed! I also enjoyed reading about the cook-out at Nina-sensei's house. It sounds like a fun evening!

Your visit to Annapolis sounds very enjoyable. I would have enjoyed it, too, I think, because I love crab and because I also really like cruises.

Your visit to the National Museum of the American Indian was also very interesting to me. It's a great tragedy that many, many Native Americans disappeared due to disease and poor treatment not long after the arrival of Europeans in North America. Another great tragedy is that even among the Native American groups that exist today, so much of their culture has disappeared. There's a famous Native American museum in Phoenix, by the way: the Heard Museum. I've visited its downtown Phoenix location several times, and it's fascinating.

The state of Arizona also has a number of Native American reservations. Did you know that?

I also enjoyed reading your comments on your visit to the National Museum of Natural History (the Smithsonian). I've never been there, but I'd love to visit it some day.

I look forward to reading more posts in your blog!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Nina Liakos said...

Dear Kana,
I hope you will come again to my house. Perhaps one day you will return to Maryland either as a student, as a tourist, or maybe even for a job. Then you can come to Gaithersburg again and visit us. I'll tell Chris you really enjoyed the hamburgers he grilled.
P.S. Annapolis is on the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay--not the Potomac, which empties into the Bay further south.